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Fundraising Opportunity for your

Not-for-Profit ~ Charity ~ or For-Profit Organization


Helping each other … that’s what it is all about !

We are, in our own ways, doing good work to help others.

Finding ways to raise money for your organization is a considerable project. We spend so much time brainstorming strategies, board meetings, and fundraising committees to figure out how to raise the funds to do your work and achieve your goals.

We have a very simple idea of how to help your organization make the money to accomplish your mission.

At Blue Sky Festivals and Events, we host events that are super fun for people to enjoy themselves… Live music, attractions, activities, vendors, food, drinks, and entertainment.

Here is the basic concept of our idea …

We would like to share some of the ticket sales money with your organization.


The idea is simple…

  • We share our events with you,

  • You share our events with your organization,

  • Your organization reaches out and sells tickets to friends,

  • We pay you $10 or 25% (for every full-priced ticket that you sell

Check out our Chico Spring Jam at While you are at it, take a look at our Chico SummerFest and our Chic-O-BerFest events.

All of these events will be available to your organization to sell tickets and earn money from.

Once we agree on this simple concept, we will get you a Partner Code for you to share with your organization. 

Then the promotions start. 

It’s really … just your people sharing with their people. 

Your organization can make it mandatory that each member sells 3-5-10 tickets to one of our events and the organization profits by $10 a person.


Check the website out and then, let’s get rolling.

Let’s talk about it and get on board with each other.

Looking forward to working with you and your group.




Forrest Melton

Blue Sky Festivals and Events

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