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Q: Who is Blue Sky Event Services and Blue Sky Festivals and Events?

A: Both of these companies are the same company.  We are a local Chico event management company, for-profit business that donates to charities and non-profit organizations.

Q: Who are the not-for-profit 501c3 organizations that benefit from our Chico Festivals?  

A:  There are a few charity - non-profit groups that benefit from our Chico Festivals.  We work with the following organizations and share partial proceeds with the Chico Rugby Foundation, Hope Commons Church, Sunrise Rotary Club, and the Soroptimist International Rancho Bidwell.

Q: What is the Chico Spring Jam, Chico SummerFest and Chic-O-Berfest?

A:   The Chico Spring Jam is an all-ages classic rock music festival.

      The Chico Country SummerFest is a country music festival

      The Chic-O-Berfest is an all-ages Oktoberfest

Each event has Live Music, Food, Beer-Wine, Activities, Attractions, Fun & Friends.

Q: What are the dates and times and location of your events?

A:  Below are the details:

  • CHICO SPRING JAM – April 29, 2023 1-9pm at Patrick Ranch Museum

  • CHICO COUNTRY SUMMER-FEST – September 16th, 2023 1-9pm at DeGarmo ParkCHIC-O-BERFEST – October 21, 2023 1-9pm at the End of Normal venue

Patrick Ranch is located on the Midway between Chico & Durham, just south of the Chico City Limits in Durham, CA,  at 10381 Midway, Durham CA.

DeGarmo Park is located on the North-West side of Chico and managed by the Chico Area Recreation District at 3428 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95973 / 199 Leora, Chico, CA

The End of Normal venue is a private property located at the south end of Chico in the middle of an almond orchard at 2500 Estes, Chico, CA


Q: What is included in the ticket price for these events?

A: General Admission Ticket holders receive:

  • Entrance into the Festival

  • Full Access to Entertainment, Activities & Attractions

  • Full Access to Craft Beer, & Wine Garden

  • Food & Beverage ​ - Full Access to Food Trucks and Dessert Vendors

            (All food and beverages purchased separately)

  • Free Parking

  • Seating - Guests are encouraged to bring their own beach-blanket to sit on

  • Chic-O-BerFest Only – Bier Stein and One Beer included

A: VIP Guests admission includes: 

  • Express VIP Service for the Libation Station (Beer, Wine, & Wine Spritzers)

  • Food - One Meal from one of the Food Trucks

  • Beer-Wine-Soda - One Beverage from the Libation Station

  • Shaded area (umbrellas)

  • Table & Chairs - Seating and Tables in the VIP Barn and the VIP Tent

    • Seating - In addition, guests are encouraged to bring their own beach-blanket to sit on.

  • VIP Area close to the main stage

  • Customized Stainless-Steel Cup from Klean Kanteen

  • Upfront VIP Parking - Free Parking

  • Express Entrance into the Festival

  • Full Access to Entertainment, Activities & Attractions

Q: Do you have a payment plan option to purchase tickets?

A:  All tickets purchased in full, partial payments or payment plans are not available. 


All tickets will be purchased at:

     Chico Spring Jam:,

     Chico SummerFest:


GA Tickets - $35 for Early-Early Bird, $40 for Early Bird, $45 Month of the Event and $50 Day of Show for and VIP Tickets - $80 for Early-Early Bird, $90 for Early Bird and $100 Month of Event - VIP available Day of Show if there is room for $110

Tickets purchased on the day of the event are $50 for GA Tickets each.

VIP Tickets are $110 day of the event.  VIP is most likely sold out and if so, then VIP tickets are not sold on event day.

​Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: January 1st is when Early Bird Tickets go on sale.

Q: Do ticket prices go up with time?

A: Ticket Prices will increase as the event grows closer.

Q: There are a few tickets choices. Which one should I choose?
A: That depends on if you and your group want to be pampered a bit more or not.  VIP ticket holders get shade, tables, chairs, food, drink and wait staff.  While GA ticket holders get to come and enjoy to festival with out VIP benefits.

You can also order discount Group Tickets

Q: Where can I buy tickets to the Chico Festials?

A: All tickets can be purchased online at

All tickets will be purchased at:

     Chico Spring Jam:,

     Chico SummerFest:



Chico Country Fest Tickets are also Sold at Diamond W and El Rancho Boots


Q: Is there live music at the festivals?

A:  Yes, there is live music, usually tribute bands and local bands.

Q: Is there food at the festivals?

A:  Yes, there will be food trucks and food vendors at the event.

Q: Is there beer and wine at the festivals?

A:  Yes, there is beer and wine for the 21+ crowd.

Q: Is there a will call / box office?

A:  Will Call and Box Office booth will be posted at the entrance of the event.

Q: What can I bring inside the festival?

A:  Visit the below section at the end of this FAQ for details on what you can bring inside the festival venue…but for sure, NO OUTSIDE FOOD, BEV, or DRUGS.

Q: Does it cost for parking?

A:  No, Parking is complementary

Q: Where are the RIDE-SHARE - TAXI pick up & drop off locations?

A: The drop off and pick up lot for ride services will be located at the entrance of the event.  There will be signs to direct the drivers.

Q: Is there camping at the festival grounds?

A: No, There is no camping at the festival grounds.

Q: What accommodations and hotels are near the festival grounds?

A:  There are a number of hotels in Chico and Oroville for you to look into.

  • Double Tree Inn

  • Diamond Hotel

  • Oxford Suites

  • Hampton Inn

  • Best Western Inn

  • Residence Inn

Q: Are these events All-Ages … are children allowed?

A:  Yes, Chico Spring Jam, Chico SummerFest, Chico Country Fest and Chic-O-BerFest - Yes. All ages are welcome. Tweens/Teens are approximately half price. Children 10 and under are free. All guests of all ages must register online.  Upon Check in, you will be able to get a wrist band for your children.

Q: Will there be ATMs available?

A:  There are NO ATM;s available. Please bring your cash and Venmo account.

Q: Will there be water refill stations at the festival?

A:  Yes. Free water refill stations will be provided by the event.  Water will be located inside the festival venue.  Water can also be purchased.

Q: What do I do if I lose an item during the festival?

A:  If you lose an item during the festival, please head to the Entrance Registration booth outside of the event to see if your item has been turned in. After the festival, please email to see if your item was turned in to Lost & Found. If you find something, please turn it in to the ticket booth or main box office at the entrance to the festival.

Q: Why can’t I bring food or drinks into the festival?

A:  The ABC and the Butte County Environmental Health Department do not allow any outside food to be brought into the events.  We have free water stations, food trucks, food vendors, beer and wine stations at the event.  So, no Outside Food or Beverage is allowed into the events.

Q: Can I bring shade, a pop-up tent, umbrellas to the festival?

A:  No, You CANNOT bring in any form of shade, a pop-up tent, umbrellas to the festival.

Q: Can I bring lawn chairs to the festival?

A:  Yes, High-Back are only allowed on the edges of the event, while Low-Back chairs are allowed into the festival.


Q: Are pets allowed?

A: NO – Pets are not allowed into the festival.


Q: Are service dogs allowed into the festival?

A:  YES – Service dogs with proper permits and certificates are allowed into the festival.


Q: I want to volunteer. What should I do?
A: Contact our volunteer coordinator by going online and signing up with Sign-Up-Genius at


Q: What are the restrictions on what I can and cannot bring to the event?

A: ALL ITEMS brought into the  Chico Festivals are subject to inspection. 

For safety reasons the following list of items are not permitted in the Festival:

  • Weapons/chains of any kind including pocket or utility knives

  • Bags, backpacks or briefcases

  • Outside Food and/or beverages

  • Camelback backpacks

  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs or other illegal substances

  • Laptop computers and/or tablets

  • Drones

  • Sticks or poles of any size

  • Laser pointers or similar items

  • Artificial noisemakers

  • Large banners

  • Tents or Umbrellas

  • Inappropriate attire or signage

  • Coolers

  • Pets (with the exception of service animals)

  • No smoking on property - No Exceptions


ALL ITEMS brought into the Chico Festivals are SUBJECT to SEARCH

Guests found in possession of the above-mentioned items will be asked to remove the item from the Festival or dispose of it. Guests who refuse to comply will be evicted from the Festival and may be subject to arrest.


Other Questions?

Check out the website and then email us at 

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